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Hi! Good day. I'm teacher Meldiv and I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Mathematics. I'm open-minded and willing to share my knowledge to you. I love reading books and has a sense of humor. I would be glad to teach you and I assure you, there will be no boring classes with me. Join me in my class and let's learn English now!

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2018-09-08 08:08
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2018-09-08 04:59
I like teacher Meldiv because she is always stand by me during the lesson. She has been teaching me since I studied in the seafront school.
We can talk many things besides textbook.
If I can't understand English words that she speaks, then she changes expression using different words that I know.
And she also gives me advice about using online when my computer network doesn't work well. I always appreiciate her.
2018-05-12 02:29
2018-04-14 02:30
I did two classes together with Professor Meldiv. I really enjoyed her class. Classy, cheerful, fun, with a good mood. An open-minded class. She used the QQEnglish material very well. She is a teacher who pointed out to all the students because she is very good and didactic. Thank you Professor Meldiv. Diniz
2018-03-17 09:29
2017-11-08 11:39
Her teaching is very good!
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